By default, a subscription can be applied only once to the same account (either within a specific main/add-on product or directly) or to the same customer. For example, let’s say you’ve assigned a “Call recording” add-on that includes the subscription with a matching name to an account. You won’t be able to assign any other add-ons that include the same subscription to this account. Furthermore, keep in mind that the “Call recording” subscription won’t be available for adding to the account directly.

The same subscription can be assigned to an account and to the corresponding customer at the same time.

However, there may be cases where you need to assign the same subscription multiple times to the same account or customer. This can be done by setting a specific option for the subscription when creating it. Note that this option cannot be changed later.


You charge John $5 per month for renting a router from you. If he decides to rent a second router, you charge him another $5 for the “Router rental” subscription, so he is now charged a total of $10 per month.



To be able to apply the same subscription to an account/customer multiple times, select the Can be applied more than once checkbox on the Create subscription panel. Note that you can’t change this option for an already created subscription.


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