On this panel, you can adjust the communication between PortaBilling and IMS for VoLTE service provisioning.

Hover over an attribute name and then over the question mark RwC+AMaOsG8m6Hs1AAAAAElFTkSuQmCC that appears to see the attribute description. Messaging service attributes for Diameter Ro interface

Rise MSCC result code

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Most gateways connect or terminate calls based on the result-code value that is set within the MSCC (Multiple-Services-Credit-Control) AVP. However, some gateways (for example, Huawei ATS 9900) require setting the result code for the Result-Code AVP.

This attribute allows you to customize the Diameter CCA (Credit-Control-Answer) sent by PortaBilling, so that it copies the Result-Code value from the MSCC AVP and sets it as the Result-Code AVP.

Select the checkbox and turn on the toggle to enable this attribute.

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