Sometimes you will have several prefixes for the same target destination, e.g., 420602, 420603, and 420737 for mobile numbers in the Czech Republic. All of these prefixes can be defined as the single destination group “CZ Mobile”, so when you enter a new rate for this destination group it will, in effect, create rates for each individual prefix.

upload destination group

Click Upload on the toolbar to upload the destination groups to the system.

To upload destination groups with destinations, create a .csv or .xls file with the following headers:

  • Action – specify whether you wish to add or delete a destination group. Type "+" or "add" to add a destination group, type “-” or "remove" to delete it.
  • Destination group – specify the destination group name you want to add or remove.
  • Prefix – specify the prefix to be added to or removed from a specific destination group. If you want to add a new destination group, leave this field empty in the first row.
  • Destination group description write a short description of the destination group. This column is not mandatory, so you can leave it empty.

destinations table Click Browse , select the required file and click Upload.

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