Volume Discounts tab


Field Description

Default Discount Plan

Specifies a discount plan to be applied to all accounts by default.


If at the end of the usage period (e.g. at the end of the month) there is unused traffic left (i.e. minutes, Internet traffic, messages, etc.), it can be rolled over to the next usage period. For example, a customer has signed up for 100 bundled monthly minutes of free calls to Canada. By the end of the month, only 90 minutes have been used up. The 10 minutes remaining are rolled over to the next month, so during the next month 110 free minutes will be available for the customer.


Please note that if you change the customer’s discount plan (e.g. change an add-on product), then the unused minutes will transfer only if the new discount plan has the same discount entry (for more details see the Change of Volume Discount Plans for Customer / Account chapter in the PortaBilling Administrator Guide).