PortaOne monitoring system can collect and analyze disk health information for an Adaptec RAID. This will help you be sure that your hard drives are capable of safely storing your data.

Due to licensing specifics, it is necessary to download and install the corresponding package manually. To do this, perform the following:

  1. Download the Adaptec ARCCONF Command Line Utility from You can use the following
  2. Unzip the arcconf binary file from the downloaded archive.
  3. Copy it to the /usr/bin/ directory on the server that uses Adaptec RAID.
  4. Go to the Deposit tab on the Configuration server web interface (Update > Deposit) and create the following deposit there:
    • Path – /usr/bin/arcconf
    • Type – File

It is recommended that you not install the full RMP provided by Adaptec as it contains redundant files.

If you are using Adaptec RAID and the package is not installed, you will see the corresponding warning message on the Monitor.

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