Web interface changes

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Redesigned Quotas panel

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The Quotas panel has been redesigned for customer, account, and reseller to help the administrator find the necessary information on quotas faster. Here are the changes:

  • Quota consumption bars related to the same quota are now grouped together so that the administrator can visually distinguish different quotas on the panel.
  • If a quota is inactive, its consumption bar is now marked with grey and has an explanatory description, which explains why the quota is currently inactive.
  • The date when the quota was allocated and when it expires is now displayed under the quota consumption bar.
  • If there are no rollovers available, the Rollovers Details button is inactive. When the administrator hovers over the button, a tooltip appears explaining why it is disabled.quotas redesign

Redesigned Routing list panel

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The Routing list panel shows the routing list for a specific phone number or destination. With this release, it has been redesigned to show the routes in a more user-friendly way. These are the following changes:

  • All routes, both included and excluded from the routing list are now displayed in the same table to give the administrator a complete view of available routes.
  • Excluded routes are marked with Excluded pXEYgm3hDLbHvpOu0dqd9RJvKIeFwnZwAAAABJRU5ErkJggg== icon. When the administrator hovers over it, a tooltip appears. It explains why the route was excluded from the routing, e.g., due to the huntstop.routings list
  • The administrator can now add two new columns to the Routing list – Penalty and Peak level. To add these columns, go to Settings > Customize columns and select the corresponding checkbox.
    • The Penalty column shows whether the adaptive routing penalty is applied to the route.
    • The Peak level column shows whether “Peak”, “Off-peak” or “Second off-peak” price is applied at the selected time.adding columns to routing list

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