Custom ringback tone, a very popular service offering, allows end users to replace ordinary ringback sounds with either music or a greeting of their choice. It is extremely attractive to users nowadays to the point where many service providers regard it as a must-have service offering.

The custom ringback tones are fully supported by PortaSwitch.

Let’s say that customer John Doe runs an advertisement campaign and wants a caller to hear a customized announcement instead of the standard ringback tone. On his account self-care interface, John Doe subscribes to the Custom ringback tone add-on product and uploads the Custom announcement media file to the Ringback Tone page. The system encodes the uploaded file with the G.711, G.729, and G.723 codecs and then saves these files to its internal storage.

VAS tab self-care

Ringback tone

John Doe receives an incoming call and the Custom announcement file is streamed to the caller.

Encoding the uploaded files with G.711, G.729, and G.723 codecs and copying them to storage requires a certain amount of time to complete (around 5 minutes). Therefore, although the custom track is shown as having been successfully uploaded to the web interface during this period, the standard ringback tone plays for calls.

PortaSwitch does not send custom ringback tones for calls made through IVR applications. In these cases, the caller hears media played by a corresponding IVR application.

Along with individual users, custom ringback tones can also be set up for hunt groups.


This allows service providers to offer this increasingly popular service to their customers and thereby gain an additional revenue stream.

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