All the servers are identically installed from the same set of installation media (of course you should specify unique IP addresses, host names, etc. for each server). Follow the steps given in the Installation process chapter of this guide to perform the server installation. The assignment of roles (e.g., PortaBilling RADIUS, PortaBilling admin interface, PortaSIP, etc.) will be done in Step 16 after all hosts have been installed.

The installation media provide a quick and seamless way to perform a complete server installation from scratch in less than 15 minutes. The standardized installation procedure also simplifies further system maintenance.

PortaOne provides you with two ISO files (Disc 1 and Disc 2) that contain the following software required for installing PortaSwitch:

  • The Telecom Application Framework (free, open-source software) – required to install Oracle Enterprise Linux 8.9 (Disc 1).
  • The PortaSwitch (PortaOne’s proprietary software) – contains PortaSwitch packages (Disc 2).

Burn these files to the optical discs or use them to create bootable USB flash drives. For additional help on how to create a bootable USB flash drive check the … create a bootable USB flash drive from a PortaSwitch ISO file? section of the How to… chapter of this guide.

The installation wizard makes use of a GUI. Use the mouse or Tab to move the cursor between input fields, click on a button to confirm your selection.

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