An invoice is a presentation to the customer of a set of transactions such as pay-as-you-go charges, subscriptions, credits/refunds, and payments, that have occurred in the PortaBilling system over a defined period. Typically, an invoice covers the customer’s billing period.

The generation of an invoice does not affect the customer’s balance or status directly. However, once the invoice has been processed by the PortaBilling system, the status of the invoice may change the status of the customer based on the configuration of the payment collection. For example, if a customer doesn’t make payments, their service may be suspended.

Invoice generation should be explicitly enabled for a customer on the customer class level or directly.

Regular invoices are generated automatically for each billing period, e.g., monthly, upon closing the billing period. You can configure sending invoices in .pdf format to customers’ email addresses.

Additionally, you can manually generate invoices on demand, such as out-of-turn invoices for services like a technician visit or an equipment purchase.

Comprehensive guide to invoicing

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Find further details on invoicing in PortaBilling:

  1. Invoice types
  2. Invoice attributes
  3. Invoice payment statuses
  4. Invoice number sequence
  5. Invoice rounding
  6. Enabling invoicing in PortaBilling
  7. Operations with invoices
  8. Review of invoices
  9. Advanced invoicing configuration
  10. Unallocated payments
  11. Process invoices and payments externally

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