Since external systems (e.g., mobile core network components, IPTV platforms, etc.) differ, they need different data from PortaBilling and they require specific actions to be taken.

Here is the list of most commonly used API methods that will help you receive necessary information from PortaBilling:

  • Account/get_account_info – use this method to receive subscriber information, such as account ID (e.g., DID, MSISDN, IPv4 address, login), service password, the unique ID of the product (e.g., i_product) and name, activation and expiration dates, available funds, status (e.g., active/blocked/terminated), service policy (e.g., the unique ID of the access policy) and service features that are enabled for this subscriber, etc.
  • Account/get_custom_fields_values – use this method to receive custom information assigned to an account (e.g., db_value).
  • Account/get_service_features_list – use this method to retrieve the list of service features that are available for an account.
  • Product/get_product_info – use this method to receive product information such as unique IDs of included services (e.g., i_service), subscription (i_subscription) and volume discount plan (e.g., i_vd_plan), etc.
  • Service/get_service_info – use this method to receive service details such as service name, rating base, etc.
  • SIMCard/get_card_list – use this method to receive SIM card details such as MSISDN, IMSI and the unique ID of the SIM card (i_sim_card), etc.
  • AccessPolicy/get_access_policy_info – use this method to receive Internet access policy details such as the unique ID of a service policy (i_service_policy), hotlining parameters, etc.
  • ServicePolicy/get_service_policy_info – use this method to receive service policy details such as specific service attributes.
  • DID/get_number_info – use this method to receive DID details such as cost and revenue, owner, batch, etc.
  • Invoice/get_invoice_info – use this method to receive invoice details such as the status of the invoice (e.g., paid/partially paid/unpaid), the amount already paid by the customer, the amount that must be paid by the customer and the date when the invoice was generated, etc.
  • Customer/get_customer_info – use this method to receive customer record details such as balance, billing status (e.g., active/blocked/suspended), billing period, personal information (e.g., salutation, name, address, etc.), cloud PBX configuration, etc.

Refer to the PortaBilling API guide for a more detailed description of API methods and their structures.

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