Once you have added servers, you can add public IP addresses that will be assigned to the particular instances in the later steps of the PortaSwitch configuration.

  1. On the Servers tab, choose the server for which you wish to add a public IP address, and click Change server configuration_buttom Change server configuration.Change server configuration
  2. Go to the Network tab, click add_buttom  Add, and choose IP address.Add IP address
  3. In the IP address dialog box, specify the following information:
    • Interface – you can select only public interface here
    • IP address
    • Netmask

    IP address details

  4. Click Save.

In case you want to run several service instances on one physical server, you need to first associate the additional IP addresses with the public network interface of the server (this process is called "IP aliasing"). To do this, repeat steps 1–4, and specify the required IP alias in step 3.

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