Acrobits Cloud Softphone

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Service providers can use Acrobits Cloud Softphone to deploy a premium quality, customized mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Cloud Softphone is fully integrated with PortaSwitch to enable seamless calling and advanced features such as on-line balance display. PortaOne and Acrobits engineering teams work in sync to provide a best-of-breed, innovative and reliable platform for mobile services. In less than one day, service providers can launch their own white-label smartphone app via the iOS App Store and Google Play, with settings and features set specifically for their service.

Acrobits Cloud Softphone is a highly configurable SIP client designed specifically for VoIP service providers. The following features are available:

  • centralized configuration management
  • incoming and outgoing calls
  • applying and managing tariffs
  • possibility to perform calls via mobile network and Wi-Fi
  • option to quickly private-brand app
  • push notification feature— users can receive calls even when the app is closed
  • Web service-based callback for maximum battery efficiency
  • instant messaging
  • presence feature provides an option to check the availability of those on your contact list to chat
  • HD sound
  • balance checker
  • customizable ringtones
  • Bluetooth support

To simplify customer management, Acrobits iOS/Android softphone apps offer one-touch provisioning with QR codes generated by PortaSwitch online signup portal.

For a detailed description of how to use the service from the mobile application, please refer to the Unified PortaSwitch Handbook Collection.

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