Convenient and efficient service provisioning is very important when you are managing a cloud PBX (hosted PBX) environment with tens or even hundreds of IP phones. If you need to change a certain parameter (e.g., CLI number for outgoing calls) for all IP phones, you will naturally want to avoid a situation in which you have to change this parameter manually for every account.

PortaSwitch divides call feature management into two parts:

  • Some parameters are defined on the customer level, and so are global for the customer’s whole cloud PBX environment.
  • Call features can also be managed on the account level. You have the option of either manually overriding a certain parameter’s value or specifying that the current value defined at the customer level should be used.

This allows you to define most call feature parameters only once, on the customer level. These will then be automatically propagated to accounts (individual phones).

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