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On the Customer Management screen, you can view a list of all registered customers.

Subcustomer Management




Click the View  icon to go to the xDR view page.


The customer’s identification name.


Click the Accounts  icon to go to the Account Management screen (for retail customers). If there are no accounts under the customer, the icon changes accordingly to , so that you can easily see this.


The currency in which the customer’s account is maintained and billed.

Balance Control

The subcustomer category: either prepaid or postpaid, depending on the way their balance is controlled.

Available Funds

The amount of available funds to spend on services – is only shown for prepaid subcustomers.


The customer’s current balance.

Credit Limit

The credit limit applicable to the customer’s account (if any).


Email contact for this customer.


A customer may have the following statuses:

  •  Permanently terminated – the customer has been closed and is only in the database for informational/regulatory purposes. No further operations are possible with this entity.

  •  Blocked – the customer has been blocked by the administrator; no call services are provided until the administrator removes the block.

  •  Suspended – services for this customer have been suspended because of an overdue invoice.

  •  Provisionally Terminated – once a customer is provisionally terminated, all services are terminated. There still exists the option to reactivate the services that were disconnected if the customer changes their mind.

  •  Credit Exceeded – this indicates that the postpaid customer’s balance is above his credit limit, so he will not be allowed to make outgoing calls unless they are free calls (e.g., toll-free numbers).

  •  No Available Funds – this status is only for prepaid customers. When a customer’s funds reach zero value, services are no longer available.

  •  Suspension Lifted – this indicates that the customer’s suspension has been lifted (the ‘as of’ date is specified on the Change status button).

  •  Payment Frozen – this indicates that the customer’s payment has been suspended due to repeated errors (e.g., credit card cancellation).

  •  Spending Limit Reached – this indicates that the customer’s daily spending limit has been reached.


Click the  Delete icon to remove the customer. The delete icon appears only if there are no xDRs, accounts owned by the customer, other entities (products, tariffs, etc.) managed by the customer or the customer does not participate in bilateral traffic exchange with a vendor.

In advanced search mode, you can specify an unlimited number of search conditions. Every condition applies to a particular field (e.g., customer’s ZIP code). Click on   Add a new search condition to add another condition.

Customer Management




The value of the field in the customer information must match the search criteria exactly.

Begins with

The value of the field in the customer information must start with the specified value (e.g., if you enter the filter value “John”, customers with the names “John” and “Johnny” will be selected).


The value of the field in the customer information must contain the specified value somewhere (e.g., if you enter the filter value “Eric”, customers with the names “Eric”, “Erica”, “Maverick” and “American” will be selected).

Ends with

The value of this customer information field must end with the specified value (e.g., if you enter the filter value “smith”, customers with the last names “Smith” and “Hammersmith” will be selected).

Is empty

The corresponding field in the customer information must be empty.

All search operations are case-insensitive, so you can enter “Eric” as a search criterion and, even if the customer’s name was originally entered as “eric” or “ERIC”, you will still see him in the list.

All conditions work in conjunction, so in the case of multiple search criteria, the customer’s record must satisfy all of them in order to appear in the result list.

 During a search operation using auxiliary fields (e.g., fax) or the “contains” comparison, the database cannot use indexes. This will result in a full table scan, meaning an increased load on the server and a longer time to produce the final result. Please avoid using such search operations if not necessary.

Edit Customer

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This page allows you to change details for a particular customer.

Edit Customer



Customer ID

Defines the customer name as it will appear in the PortaBilling system. This is distinct from the Company Name field in the Address Info tab.

Customer Class

The Customer Class assigned to this customer. In order to change any parameters of the particular Customer Class, click on the link “Customer Class”. When editing the Customer, the field Customer Class will only contain classes with the same currency, or classes with no defined currency.

Balance Control

The customer category: either prepaid (a customer who pays for services in advance) or postpaid.

Available Funds (only for prepaid customers)

The balance for prepaid customers. While consuming the service, the amount of available funds decreases. When it reaches zero value, no more services can be used.

Balance (only for postpaid customers)

The customer’s current balance

Current Credit Limit (only for postpaid customers)

The credit limit value defined for a customer during creation.

Address info

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The Address Info tab provides most of the commonly required contact information. Also, note that you may enable your account manager to receive a copy of every email sent to the customer by entering his email address in the BCC field.

Balance adjustments

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The Balance Adjustments wizard allows you to correct a customer’s balance:

Balance adjustmentsEdit SubcustomerBalance Adjustments




Manual Charge: Use this transac