PortaBilling is integrated with Cisco SCE, a network element specifically designed for carrier-grade deployments that require a high-capacity stateful application and session-based classification and control of application-level IP traffic, per subscriber.

This solution facilitates content-based charging and allows the ISP to granularly track Internet usage, permitting varied pricing schemes for truly differentiated IP service offerings, while at the same time keeping costs low.

Consider a few examples of services that you could offer using this solution:

  • Offer high speed Internet service to your business customers but disallow bandwidth-consuming peer-to-peer (P2P) applications.
  • Provide residential customers with standard Internet speed, but offer enhanced latency-sensitive services such as online gaming, by assigning a high priority for identified users of this service.

PortaBilling currently works with the Cisco SCE integrated with PDSN nodes that already allow CDMA operators to raise their mobile broadband services to new heights. In the future, this solution can be enhanced to support various equipment bundled with Cisco SCEs, thereby benefitting ISPs that provide other Internet services.

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