CDMA operators can use PortaBilling to provision, bill, and monitor mobile broadband services controlled by Cisco PDSN (Packet Data Serving Node for CDMA networks). To do this, Cisco PDSN connects to PortaBilling via RADIUS.

Integration and operation flow

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The integration of PortaBilling with Cisco PDSN is similar to its integration with NAS – the principles of integration are almost the same. Though PDSN is used only for CDMA networks, the main difference between services provided via PDSN and a “traditional” NAS is the user’s mobility. Users may not be stationary and thus switching from one base station to another while the original Internet session is connected. PortaBilling ensures that even if there are various individual sub-sessions, a single xDR is produced at the end.


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To set Cisco PDSN for PortaBilling you need to carry out settings on the Configuration server and on the administrative web interface (tariffs, nodes, etc.)

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