The Sites tab displays information about all the sites configured within your installation and enables you to manage them. Every installation has a default main site. It is read-only and cannot be either modified or deleted.

Sites configuration




The name of the site.


Defines whether it is the main or secondary site. The main site is read-only and cannot be removed.

Redundancy mode

Defines whether the secondary site has been defined as redundant.

Failover site

Shows which site serves as the failover for a given secondary site. Only secondary sites that have billing instances and stand-by database servers deployed can be selected as failover ones.

Cloud mode

Defines whether the site’s servers and instances are configured in the cloud.


A short description of the site. This field is optional.

The Sites page provides the following activities:




Enables you to create a new site.


Enables you to delete an existing secondary site. Note that prior to deleting a site, you must reassign its servers to another site.

Add/edit a new site

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To introduce an extra degree of reliability within the network and its applications, you can organize the servers into sites. To add a new site, click the Add a new site  Create button in the toolbar and then type in the site’s name and description. If you manage servers in a cloud, enable Cloud mode for the site.

Create a site

To edit the attributes of an existing site, double-click on the row of the site you wish to modify.

Edit site

Redundancy mode

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For all of your installation’s secondary sites to remain operational when the main site is unavailable, designate one of them as redundant and let the other sites initiate failover to it. To do this, enable the Redundancy mode option for the secondary site that contains instances of PortaBilling and a stand-by database. The system will check this site’s configuration and define it in the Failover site field.

The site, which contains instances of PortaBilling and stand-by database, can only be made to failover to itself.

Enable the Redundancy mode option for other secondary sites and select the previously configured site in the Failover site field.

Apply the new configuration to save the changes.

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