APPENDIX G. MIME types supported for instant messaging

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A Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) type in the Content-Type header defines the content type inside a SIP MESSAGE request, e.g., HTML. PortaSIP supports the following MIME types:

  • text/plain (default type) – to indicate plain “unformatted” text.
  • message/cpim – to indicate the Common Presence and Instant Messaging (CPIM) message format.
  • text/html* – to enable using HTML formatting such as bold or underlined text.
  • application/im-iscomposing+xml* – to notify a user that the other one is typing a message. The sender is not charged for sending such service messages.
  • application/x-acro-filetransfer+json* – to enable users of Acrobits applications to use the multimedia messaging service (mmmsg) that facilitates file transfer among them. Please refer to Acrobits for details.

* Note that this MIME type is supported for SIP-to-SIP (on-net) messages only. If SMPP protocol is used for message delivery, IMGate rejects SIP MESSAGE requests with this MIME type.

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