In order to operate as full MVNOs/MVNEs on the mobile market, service providers often encounter a prerequisite (raised from the hosted MNO) to deploy such equipment as HLR/HSS and PCRF within their own networks. The joint solution developed by PortaOne, Inc., and the third party can easily help you meet this requirement.

PortaBilling guarantees its integration with the third-party HLR/HSS and Policy Controller (PCRF) core network elements. As a provisioning system, PortaBilling synchronizes subscriber information defined within the system with HLR/HSS, and policy/service quality parameters with PCRF.

To enable provisioning to the third-party HLR/HSS and PCRF, an administrator enables the Mobile Network Provisioning service for a product. For example, the administrator creates a product and configures voice calls, messaging, and/or Internet access services for it. The administrator configures the corresponding service policies and enables the Mobile Network Provisioning service for this product. Upon assigning this product to an account with an associated SIM card, PortaBilling provisions account and policy/service quality parameters to the third-party HLR/HSS and PCRF. When the administrator makes changes for an account (creating, blocking, etc.) or product, PortaBilling immediately provisions the updated data to the third-party HLR/HSS or PCRF.

This integration helps service providers meet the MNO’s requirements necessary to operate as full MVNOs/MVNEs. It also allows service providers to manage their subscribers and associated services independently, thereby achieving more autonomy from the host MNO.

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