For today’s service providers, "triple play" is not just a buzzword – rather, it is the only way to remain competitive while retaining their customer base. Combined solutions provided by PortaOne in conjunction with the MatrixStream IPTV platform can be used to add IPTV to your service portfolio and expand your business growth.

The IPTV service is activated in PortaBilling by using the External System Provisioning Framework (ESPF), which therefore simplifies service provisioning to end users and reduces manual work for your administrators.

When a new or existing customer signs up for the IPTV service, the available channel information (based on the assigned subscription) is provisioned into the IPTV delivery platform via an extensible XML API. If a customer’s product configuration changes or a customer is blocked (e.g., due to non-payment), PortaBilling transfers this information to the IPTV delivery platform.

An IPTV service is activated for the subscriber when:

  • A new account assigned to the IPTV product is created in PortaBilling.
  • An already existing account assigned to the IPTV product is unblocked in PortaBilling.
  • A product assigned to an already existing account is changed to a new product with IPTV.

The key assets of this integration are the following:

  1. An account in PortaBilling corresponds to a subscriber in MatrixStream.
  2. When a customer is suspended in PortaBilling or the account is blocked or switched to a product that no longer includes IPTV services, his "subscriber" record continues to be maintained in MatrixStream although it is disabled.
  3. When a customer is terminated in PortaBilling, the account is deleted in MatrixStream.
  4. PortaBilling provides information to the customer’s bill about services provided and charges incurred.

In this way, service providers extend their service provisioning portfolio while remaining competitive in the market.

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