Hunt group members can stop receiving hunt group calls by logging out of a hunt group. To resume receiving the calls, they log in back to the hunt group.

Let's say John, a support agent, receives calls sent to the "First line support" hunt group.

John needs to write an email to a client. While working on this task, he will be unable to take support calls. Thus, to log out of the "First line support" hunt group, John dials *42302 on his phone, where *42 is the prefix to log out and 302 is the hunt group number. Now, John doesn’t participate in handling calls sent to this hunt group but can still receive direct calls. He starts writing the email. John’s manager, Adam, calls John to ask whether the email has been already sent to the client. John discusses a few email details with Adam and finishes it. When John sends the email to a client, he logs back in to the "First line support" hunt group. To log in, John dials *41302, where *41 is the prefix to log in and 302 is the hunt group number. Once John is logged in again, he receives another support call.

Note that to log out/log in, John must specify the number of a hunt group he is a member of.

Also, agents can use their account self-care interface to log out/log in: they open the Cloud PBX tab > Hunt groups page > see the list of hunt groups they are members of > click Edit > clear/select the checkbox for a specific hunt group, e.g., "First line support" > click Save.

Account hunt groups

On the customer self-care interface, the PBX administrator can monitor whether the hunt group members are logged-in or logged-out at the moment.

Logged in_out hunt group members

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By default, *41 is the prefix for logging in and *42 for logging out. It’s possible to change the default prefixes by creating a new dialing rule.

For example, a customer migrates to cloud PBX from their legacy PBX. The customer’s agents are used to stop/resume receiving hunt group calls by dialing the prefixes *22 and *21. To enable logging out/logging in with these prefixes in cloud PBX, the administrator:

  • creates a customer record with the dialing rules option enabled;
  • creates a new dialing rule of PBX type; and
  • changes the default prefixes in the dialing rule.

Prefixes in the dialing rule

PBX customers can edit the default prefixes on their customer self-care interface: they need to open the Cloud PBX page > Dialing rules, switch to the Custom rule, and change the prefixes for hunt group logging in/logging out.

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  • Agents can control whether to receive their hunt group calls.
  • PBX customers can monitor the availability of their agents.
  • PBX customers can provide better service by delivering calls to available agents only.

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