PortaBilling offers a simple solution for identifying and billing for US inter/intra-state VoIP traffic. In order to properly apply LCR and calculate call costs in accordance to rates applied by vendors, PortaBilling determines whether the caller resides in the same state as the called party and then applies the correct rate.

When a user from the United States dials a US phone number, PortaBilling first checks if both the number calling and the called number start with a “1.” If so, then PortaBilling searches for both destinations in the database. If these destinations are in the same state, PortaBilling applies charges according to the intra-state rate; if the destinations are in the different states, the inter-state rates are applied.

warning Upon activation of separate rates for inter/intra-state calls on the Configuration server (the US_Enabled option is set to Yes), it is required to re-upload all tariffs containing US destinations. Otherwise, intra-state calls would be charged at 0 price.

The following taxation plugins are supported in PortaBilling to calculate customers’ taxes for the inter/intra-state calls:

  • Avalara;
  • EZtax (former BillSoft);
  • SureTax.

For more information about taxation plugins, please refer to the Processing taxes section of this guide. Find guidelines on how to configure inter/intra-state billing in the Billing for US inter/intra-state calls handbook of the PortaSwitch Handbook collection.

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