A product is a combination of services that are provided to a customer for a price. It defines additional billing properties such as maintenance fees and the amount of credit required for a given account to be usable. The most common use of Products is for defining prepaid calling card plans.

Product Management

From the Product Management screen, the user may view the list of all registered products. The list provides the following information:



Rate Lookup

Click the icon1 icon to enter the Rate Lookup interface using which you can easily view rate information for a tariff(s) of a particular product.


The logical designation of the product.


The product type can be the following:

  • Main Product – a basic product that assigns all the basic services that are available to your customers.

  • Add-on Product with precedence level – an additional product by which you can increase or limit the services provided to your customers.

Add-on products have precedence over the main product, so no matter what is defined within the main product, it will be overridden by settings defined within add-on products (this applies only to the options that are supplied with add-on products).

In order to differentiate the add-on products, there is also a "precedence level" parameter for each add-on product. If there are more than one add-on product assigned to an account, they will be sorted according to the specified precedence level.


The currency in which the product is maintained.


Product description.

Rate lookup

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Having entered the Product Rate Lookup page use search filters to display (a) specific rate(s):

Product Rate Lookup

Rate Lookup1

Rate Lookup2

In addition to the mandatory rate information (e.g., Destination, Country, Interval and Price) there may also be icons that indicate features which have been applied to the rate, such as Maintenance Fee, Surcharges, Payback Rate and Call Rate Formula (this indicates if the rate uses a call rating formula). To get more information click the icon1 icon.

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