Step 16: Perform initial configuration of PortaSwitch (when all servers have been installed)

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Complete steps 1–15 for each server you want to be a part of your PortaSwitch configuration. Once you have installed the software on the servers, you have a blank system that can be configured in various ways to meet your business requirements. The first (low-level) part of the configuration is usually done by PortaOne support engineers after performing the post-install procedure. For this, contact the PortaOne support team at, who will provide you with further assistance.

In rare cases you may need to perform the configuration by yourself. In this case activate the Configuration server on the appropriate host as described in the … activate the configuration server? section of the "How to…" chapter of this guide. Then you can proceed with the system configuration via the Configuration server web interface (for more details, see the Initial Configuration of PortaSwitch handbook in the Unified PortaSwitch Handbook Collection).

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