Different operations are available for different types of users who access the system (also, the abilities of an individual user can be adjusted via his access level settings). In general, administrators (PortaBilling users) can potentially perform all possible configuration tasks, while others are limited to their own entity and related objects only. For instance, a reseller can access any of his subcustomers or their accounts, while a subcustomer can only access information about himself and his accounts on his self-care pages. The self-care interface imposes multiple security-related limitations on a user’s activity, e.g., a subcustomer can view his own balance on the self-care pages, but cannot modify it.

Web interface

For improved security, the PortaBilling web interface is divided into several separate areas, each serving its own purpose. Thus a login name and password which allows a user to access the customer self-care interface cannot be used to log in to the admin interface; the login name and password for the account’s (end-user’s) self-care interface are not applicable to the customer self-care interface; and so forth.

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