You can introduce twin card and data card services with PortaBilling. These are extra SIM cards that allow customers to use their service packages on multiple devices under the same subscription.

With the twin card, customers can use the service from two phones in exactly the same way as from a single phone. With data, SIM customers can share their data packages among multiple devices, e.g., between a phone and a tablet or a car. Any service used from the extra SIM is billed to the main account.

For twin card/data card services, use beneficiary accounts. Consider how it works:

John Doe is your mobile subscriber. His service bundle includes voice calls, SMS, and 1GB of default data for a $20 monthly subscription. Plus, he has several top-up options for his service wallet to add more data.

John orders an additional SIM card for his tablet and is charged $5 for SIM card activation. Your administrator creates beneficiary account 12065558882 for his main account (12065552131) and assigns a SIM card to it. Now John can make calls and use the Internet from both his phone and his tablet.

John uses up the 1GB of default data from his tablet and wants to purchase an additional 5GB. He enters his main account’s self-care portal (12065552131) and tops up his service wallet for $10. In his transaction history, John can see that his Internet sessions from the tablet are billed to his main account (12065552131).

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