In mobile networks, PortaBilling operates as the OCS (Online Charging System) and communicates with the mobile core via the Diameter protocol. In this deployment, the Diameter cluster serves as the point of entry to the OCS, accepting and processing Diameter requests from the SAE-GW.

To ensure uninterrupted service provisioning during gradual customer migration, the Diameter cluster on the target system serves as the inter-system proxy. It accepts all Diameter requests from the source system to the target in Dual Version PortaBilling and detects where in the system the account is currently located. If the account belongs to the target system, it processes the Diameter request itself. If the account belongs to the source system, the Diameter cluster proxies the request to the source system’s Diameter cluster and mediates further communication with that Diameter cluster and the SAE-GW.

This solution facilitates customer transfer from the source system to the target and ensures proper functioning of the Dual Version PortaBilling.

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