Now, when sending outbound calls from PortaSwitch to your network equipment such as SBC, service providers can relay user identification by including an account ID in the P-Charge-Info SIP header of the outgoing INVITE request. This allows for data analysis and accurate user identification. For instance, providers may regularly compare PortaSwitch and SBC CDRs to prevent “rogue” traffic, e.g., calls routed through the service provider’s SBC to other vendors bypassing PortaSwitch with no customers being charged.


Service providers can reconcile CDRs to detect potential revenue loss.


Relaying user identification doesn’t work for calls made through IVR applications such as prepaid card calling IVR.


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For PortaSwitch to send the identification information of the user in the P-Charge-Info header of the outgoing INVITEs, admin needs to perform the following steps:

  1. Open Service policy > Attributes > SIP Headers.
  2. Mark the Present charge info checkbox and enable the feature.

    Present charge info attribute

Once admin creates a service policy, they should apply it to an outgoing connection of a vendor.

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