This tab is for editing information about users who have access to the Configuration server. To edit, simply double-click on the particular user:

User list

Add user




The status of the user: when the button is red, the user is offline; when it is green, the user is online.


Shows which name the user is logged in with.


The email address of the user.


Defines which greeting will appear to the user (e.g., Mr., Ms., Mrs., etc.).

First Name

The first name of the user.


The middle name of the user.

Last Name

The last name of the user.


Allows you to change the password for this user. By clicking the WorEFAC Auto-generate icon, a random password is generated.

Confirm password

Repeat the password defined for this user.

Activation Date

The date when the user was activated.

Expiration Date

The date when the user’s rights will expire.


Shows the user’s role:

  • Root provides access to all options and tabs.

  • Admin provides access to only the Servers and Configurations tabs.

  • Read-only users have access to all the same tabs as Root but cannot make changes.

  • Monitor only gives access to the monitoring system web interface via the Monitor button.

  • FileTransfer users are only used for file upload from remote hosts to the server with the xDR Extraction instance configured.

Time zone

The time zone in which the user is operating.

SSH Account

Indicates whether the user is allowed to log in to servers in the current installation by using SSH.

You can create and delete users using the Create and Delete buttons, respectively.

The user will be able to log in only after the activation date. Likewise, the user will not be able to log in after the expiration date.

The Re-apply SSH button allows the creation/recreation of UNIX accounts on all servers for the selected user. This allows the user to log in to servers in the current installation by using SSH, which is required if this user was initially created without SSH access – or if new servers were added to the installation.

Change the password for a user with SSH access on all servers via the Configuration server web interface: open the Users tab > double-click on a specific user record > in the User details dialog, specify the new password in the Password field.

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