Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is the solution for providing voice traffic on an LTE network. It allows you to utilize all the benefits of LTE: quick user connectivity, better service quality and higher performance, etc. It also helps to ensure a better LTE experience for your customers by allowing them to use their favorite data and voice applications simultaneously.


To deploy VoLTE services with PortaBilling as the online-charging system (OCS), PortaBilling supports the Diameter (Ro) interface. Thus, PortaBilling communicates with IMS via Diameter (Ro) for real-time user authorization and charging. When a user runs out of funds or exceeds their credit limit, PortaBilling instructs the node to disconnect the user, thereby preventing revenue leakage.

PortaBilling supports processing of calls to ported numbers in IMS networks in the same way as in VoIP networks. See more in the Local number portability section.

By performing the functions of an OCS, PortaBilling manages the customer balance and service configuration (service policies, quotas, etc.) that are provisioned to other components on the LTE network.

Supported features

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In conclusion, the list of features available in PortaBilling and provisioned via the Diameter protocol can be divided into the following categories:

  • General features for both Diameter (Gy) and (Ro) interfaces,
  • Features provisioned via Diameter (Gy) and
  • Features provisioned via Diameter (Ro).
General features
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  • Online Centralized Session charging with units reservation (SCUR) and Credit-control application (DCCA).
  • Charging based on the time of use (peak/off peak).
Features provisioned via Diameter (Gy)
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  • Traffic categorization into rating groups.
  • Hotlining.
  • Server-initiated credit re-authorization (RAR) to lift service restrictions from an account upon account top-up. It is triggered by ESPF events.
  • Additional AVPs (Volume-Quota-Threshold, Time-Quota-Threshold, Quota-Consumption-Time, Quota-Holding-Time, Multiple-Services-Credit-Control).
Features provisioned via Diameter (Ro):
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  • Online Centralized Event (SMS) charging with units reservation (ECUR).
  • Voice calls charging (e.g., outgoing off-net/on net calls, incoming calls).

With further PortaBilling interconnection with the mobile network, this list will be extended with other features in upcoming releases.

Please find Supported Diameter RFCs and PortaBilling communication diagrams sections.

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