Using PortaBilling web interface administrators can quickly and conveniently define how users access IVR applications by dialing phone numbers. Your customers would dial a phone number from the PSTN network or their IP phone to access a specific IVR application.

For example, *98 for voicemail, 12125551234 to access the prepaid calling card IVR, or *123 to access the audio conferencing facility. So when PortaSIP receives a call, it matches the destination number with one of the access numbers and then launches the specific IVR application associated with that access number.

Voice application search

A voice application can contain one or several entry points (access numbers). Using the PortaBilling web interface, administrators can type in or paste the list of access numbers.

Prepaid card

Application options

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The administrator can customize the properties of the IVR application. The access numbers assigned to it inherit the given IVR application settings.

Authentification options

Authentication, Authorization, Accounting

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The access code defined in the Access code field in the voice application configuration is used for:

  • authorization when a user wants to check their balance (e.g., via the Account self-care voice application), and
  • accounting when a user wants to place an outgoing call (e.g., from the One’s own voice mailbox access voice application).

Voice application. Accounting<

For authorization and accounting, PortaBilling matches the access code in the voice application with the access code in the account’s product.

So, to enable users to check their balance or make outgoing calls from the voice application (and to apply a special rating to outgoing calls made by users), specify the same access code in the voice application (Voice application > Authentication, Authorization, Accounting > Accounting > Access code field) and in the product configuration (Product > Charges > Usage charges > Access code field).

Voice application. Usage charges product

The following access code values are added by default when the administrator creates a voice application:

  • Accounts self-care, Own voice mailbox access, Own voice mailbox access (PIN protected) – VOICEMAIL
  • Email callback – EMAILCALLBACK
  • SMS callback – SMSCALLBACK
  • WEB callback – WEBCALLBACK

For these voice applications, the access code is mandatory and can’t be removed. However, the administrator can change the default code.

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