When you apply a new configuration via the Configuration Server web interface, the corresponding service may need to be restarted for the changes to take effect. For instance, when SSL certificates are renewed, the configuration update prompts the restart of SIP services.

When applying the new configuration, you have the option to skip restarting services on specific servers to avoid service downtime.

Select "Skip actions"

The service restart must be done manually for the configuration changes to take effect.

In general, the configuration should be the same across all PortaSwitch servers (which is the primary reason for creating the Configuration server). Temporarily skipping the application of configuration on specific servers may lead to system malfunctions. We strongly recommend that only experienced engineers with advanced knowledge of PortaSwitch utilize this option.

The “skipped” servers are marked as such in the "Actions" column of the Task monitor tab.

"Skipped" servers on the Task monitor tab

The list of these servers is also available in the task log of the Apply Configuration task for the corresponding server.

"Skipped" servers in the task log

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