The GST (Malaysia) plug-in handles the goods and services tax (GST) that was implemented in Malaysia in April 2015.

This plug-in does the following:

  • Applies 6% GST.
  • Provides the option to specify tax relief certificate information, and in the case of goods that fall under the certificate, applies 0% GST.
  • Creates individual tax xDRs for each subscription, manual charge, and manual credit.
  • Creates individual tax xDRs for different service subtypes, for example, voice calls to a mobile network or text messages sent to favorite numbers (service subtypes are defined based on destination ranges).


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The GST (Malaysia) uses mathematical rounding on tax amounts. PortaBilling rounds the tax amount to the pre-defined number of digits applicable to the customer class currency. For example, if the customer class currency is USD which rounding precision is 0.01 (2 decimals), then 1.204 rounds to 1.20, 1.205, and 1.206 round to 1.21.

GST (Malaysia) rounding

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