1. First, you need to know the SIP phone IP address. There are two ways to check this via the phone user interface:
    • Press the OK button in the idle screen.
    • Press Menu and select the Status tab.
  2. Specify the Yealink device’s IP address in your web browser’s address bar (e.g.,
  3. On the Account tab, go to the Register section. Select the phone line you wish to configure (named as Account) from the pull-down list in the Account field.
  4. Configure the registration parameters for the selected account in the corresponding fields:
    • Line Active – select Enabled here.
    • Label – the name of the account displayed on the LCD screen of your SIP phone (e.g., 17785551210).
    • Display Name – your identification (e.g., John Doe); this will be seen by the called party.
    • Register Name – ID that is used to authenticate your SIP account. This field is mandatory.
    • User Name – ID of your SIP account registered in PortaBilling.
    • Password – service password for your SIP account.
    • SIP server 1 section:
      • Server Host – PortaSIP IP address or hostname (e.g.,

    Account configuration and registration

    In the SIP server 2 section you can define the IP address of PortaSIP on the secondary site. If the main site becomes unavailable, the phone re-registers using this IP address.

  5. Click the Confirm button to update the SIP phone configuration.Status tab of a Sip phone

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