It’s possible to protect access to the system from brute-force attacks by unauthorized users, which take the form of multiple, rapid-fire attempts to guess a correct combination of login and password. With access via the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol, the system detects failed login attempts from a specific IP address, and if the number of these attempts exceeds the limit – for example, 3 failed attempts during a 60-second period – that IP address is automatically blocked for a defined period.

To ensure that access from authorized users such as the PortaOne support team will not be blocked, these IP addresses are included in the “whitelist”. A service provider can "whitelist" any specific IP addresses they don’t wish to block (the service provider’s installation IP addresses are not blocked by default).


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SSH protection is enabled on the Configuration server web interface. The following parameters can be configured:

  • Protection.fail2ban_ssh_enable – set Yes to enable the SSH access protection.
  • Protection.fail2ban_ignoreip – this is the “whitelist” of IP addresses (by default, PortaOne’s IP addresses are added). Click Add value Add value to add another specific address to the list.
  • Protection.fail2ban_ssh_limit_findtime – specify the time frame (in seconds) to analyze the number of failed attempts from the same IP address (by, default, 60 seconds).
  • Protection.fail2ban_ssh_limit_maxretry – specify the maximum number of failed SSH access attempts that are allowed before the IP is blocked (by default, 3).
  • Protection.fail2ban_ssh_bantime – specify for how long (in seconds) the malicious IP addresses should be blocked (by default, 600 seconds). To block the malicious IP addresses permanently, specify the “-1” value (note that these IP addresses can be unblocked only manually, by the PortaOne support team).

    Enable SSH access protection


Service providers can protect the system against brute-force attacks via SSH.

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