A billing environment is considered to be active if its configuration includes at least one instance of PortaSIP cluster and/or xDR mediator.

Active billing environments are in read-only mode and cannot be deleted.

The name of an active environment is marked with a grey circle on the web interface, while the name of a non-active environment is marked with a green circle.

All of the instances must be deleted prior to deleting the environment. This is to ensure that no PortaSIP or xDR mediator services are running.

Check active billing environments

In order to delete an active billing environment proceed with the following steps:

  1. Go to the Configurations tab and clone the latest configuration, e.g., Omega.
  2. Open the cloned configuration. Go to Configuration Tree > PortaSIP Cluster > select instance from the required billing environment, e.g., sip-cluster-3@omega, and click the Instance delete button. Repeat this step for other PortaSIP instances and xDR mediator instances (CDR extraction and CDR rating).
    Deletion of PortaSIP instances immediately deactivates all PortaSIP services in the corresponding billing environment after the configuration is applied.

    Delete instances

    Make sure the instances you want to delete aren’t defined in CallRecording.sip_clusters option (Configuration Tree > CallRecording). image008.png

  3. When all required instances have been deleted, click Verify. Then, click Check/Apply to apply the given configuration.
  4. Go back to the Environments tab. Select the environment that you want to delete, e.g., Omega, and click Delete.
    Be aware that once the environment is deleted, all of its settings (tariffs, customers, accounts, vendors, connections, etc.) and CDRs are removed from the PortaBilling database. You will only have access to statistics in .csv format.

    Delete the environment

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