Integration with MTN (Ericsson) for fixed LTE service

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PortaBilling is now integrated with MTN (Ericsson) for charging for fixed LTE service. MTN is Africa's largest mobile network operator and this integration empowers service providers partnering with MTN to deliver wireless internet service to their customers within the LTE network.

The connectivity between the MTN’s network and PortaBilling is established via the RADIUS protocol and enables user authentication, session authorization, and accounting. It also supports sending a Packet of Disconnect (POD) request from PortaBilling to the MTN’s network to terminate the session when a user’s balance or quota is depleted. The internet access is provided through an Access Point Name (APN).


MVNOs/MVNEs that launch their service on the MTN’s network can offer wireless LTE internet to their residential and business customers.


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To configure the connectivity between the MTN’s network and PortaBilling, perform the following steps:

  1. On the Configuration server web interface, add a custom module Porta::Extras::MTNFixedWireless for the MTN’s fixed LTE service. For this, specify the mtn=Porta::Extras::MTNFixedWireless value within the Custom.LoadAdapterModules option.

    Configure the MTNFixedWireless module

  2. On the PortaBilling web interface, configure the MTN NAS as one or several nodes. For each node, fill in the details:
    • Manufacturer – select Cisco
    • Type – select PDSN
    • Specify node ID as a special hostname in the format “-mtnfixedwireless.[custom_value]”, e.g., “”

      Configure a node

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