SMS processing via the third-party SMSC

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CSPs can provide SMS services to their mobile subscribers and charge them for SMS delivery in real-time using PortaBilling and the third-party SMS center (SMSC).

PortaBilling functions as an OCS and communicates with the third-party SMSC via the Diameter Ro interface with the direct debiting authorization mode.

When John Doe sends an SMS, the third-party SMSC sends the CCR (Credit Control Request) Diameter message of the Event_Request type to authorize John’s account in PortaBilling. Upon successful authorization, PortaBilling sends a CCA (Credit Control Answer) message back to the third-party SMSC and immediately charges John’s account for the SMS. The SMSC then delivers John’s message to the recipient.

PortaBilling controls John’s balance and service quotas to deny SMS service when he has no funds or exceeds the allocated quota and to resume it when funds are replenished or a quota is renewed.

CSPs can also deliver SMS notifications to subscribers about various billing events (e.g., exceeding a credit limit or a balance top-up). PortaBilling communicates with the third-party SMSC for SMS notification delivery via PortaSIP.

Following the example above, to notify John about reaching his credit limit or making a successful password change, PortaBilling creates a notification and sends it to PortaSIP. PortaSIP sends it to the third-party SMSC via the SMPP protocol. The SMSC then delivers the SMS to John’s phone.

With this integration, CSPs receive a cost-effective solution to provide SMS services out-of-the-box. They also improve the customer experience since SMS notifications are a convenient way to notify subscribers about their activities in a timely manner.

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