Hunt groups allow calls to be redirected to other predetermined lines when the line called is busy. Hunting allows a number of lines to be grouped into a “pool,” so that incoming calls are directed to whichever of these lines is available.

Supported by PortaSwitch. Hunt groups are defined on the Hunt groups tab on the customer self-care portal.

The following hunt sequence modes are supported:

  • Circular (Order) – extensions will be called one by one from the first (topmost) to the last number until the call is answered.
  • Simultaneous – all extensions in the group will ring simultaneously.
  • Random – the call will be delivered to extensions in random order.
  • Least used – this sorts the phone lines in descending order beginning with their last usage and delivers a call to their extensions, accordingly.

Once the call is answered, PortaSIP notifies other phones of this hunt group that the call is answered, so these phones will not show a “missed call” notification. However, if any extension in a hunt group doesn’t answer the call or the call is sent straight to the voicemail, a “missed call” notification will be shown on all devices of this hunt group.

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