PortaBilling is integrated with Bridgewater, a service controller for WiMAX networks.

WiMAX services with Amdocs

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PortaBilling supports the following billing models for WiMAX via Bridgewater:

  • Preset bandwidth with unlimited data transfer amount, fixed recurrent fee.
  • Preset data transfer quota, fixed recurrent fee.

In both cases, the user connects to the ASN gateway, which sends requests to and receives authorization from Amdocs Service Controller. Amdocs uses account information from its DB, which in turn, is pre-populated and kept current by PortaBilling.

Account provisioning

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PortaBilling can automatically provision WiMAX accounts into Amdocs. It means that:

  • An account created in PortaBilling will be automatically created in Amdocs with a Profile assigned that corresponds to the PortaBilling product.
  • When an account is suspended due to non-payment or reaches a credit limit in PortaBilling, the account is automatically blocked in Amdocs.
  • When an account is unsuspended or balance returns below a credit limit, the account is automatically unblocked.
  • When an account is terminated in PortaBilling, it gets removed from Amdocs.
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