It is important for PBX users to have the capacity to make as many internal calls to colleagues as necessary. And at the same time, service providers need to have the ability to limit the number of external calls from an PBX environment, for example, to meet specific licensing or billing needs.

In response to these demands, PortaSwitch introduces a cloud PBX solution that allows an unlimited number of internal calls (e.g., calls within an PBX environment) and restricts the number of external calls.

To implement this scenario an administrator uses the Limit Simultaneous Calls functionality. For a desired PBX environment, the administrator enables the Limit Simultaneous Calls service feature and sets the Types of calls option to Off-centrex calls only. Then they define a maximum number of permitted simultaneous calls.

Settining the simultaneous call limit

Once this specified number of simultaneous calls is established and an end user attempts to place another call, that call is rejected. A ‘limit reached’ warning is played to the end user. This limitation applies to external calls only. PBX users can call each other as much as they need.

This allows service providers to deliver a cloud PBX solution that permits an unlimited number of calls within an PBX environment while restricting the number of external calls.

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