What do I need to start a Dual Version migration?

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Dual Version migration is performed using a two-system setup in which the current release system, called the “source system”, and the newer release system, called the “target system”, operate in parallel.

To start a Dual Version migration, you need the following components:

  1. Licensing

    Dual Version is a part of PortaSwitch functionality available to every PortaOne client. However, since a Dual Version migration requires a separate PortaSwitch system with a new release (target system), you will need additional licenses for it.

    See licensing terms for using Dual Version.

  2. Servers for the target system and dispatching SBC

    The target system should have exactly the same number of servers as your current production system (source system). On top of that, you need 2 additional servers for dispatching SBC to ensure redundancy.

  3. Pre-Migration Analysis (PMA)

    To initiate a Dual Version migration, schedule pre-migration analysis (PMA) with the PortaOne support team. This step is mandatory as it’s vital to ensure a smooth migration process.

What are the licensing terms for using Dual Version?

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To cover the licensing terms for Dual Version, depending on how you deploy the target system, you will need to:

  • Purchase additional licenses for on-premise deployment on dedicated software.
  • Pay a monthly fee calculated on your service capacity requirements for cloud deployment.

Contact our sales team to discuss the licensing details.

Where do I deploy the newer release (“target”) system for a Dual Version migration?

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  • If you are running an on-premise system (either bare-metal or virtual machines), the target system should be deployed in the same data center or should at least be physically near to ensure a stable interconnect between the two systems.
  • If your system is in the cloud, then the PortaOne team will do the cloud deployment for you.
  • It's also possible to use Dual Version for gradual migration from an on-premise system into the cloud and back.

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