When generating an initial or a midterm invoice, you can define within which time frame a customer is expected to make payment :

  • Use the timeframe configured on the customer class for regular invoices (e.g., according to the Payment terms, the invoices become due 15 days after generation).
  • Choose one of the predefined payment terms: invoice becomes due upon receipt, in 15, 30, 45, or 60 days.
  • Specify the invoice due date manually.

The collection process settings defined for regular invoices on the customer class, such as automatic credit card charging and notifications and actions if payment is past due, will also be used for initial/midterm invoices.

When generating an out-of-turn invoice, you can indicate that you expect payment later, according to the configured payment terms ("Pay later") or you can make a payment immediately in the invoice generation dialog (you can either enter the details of a payment made in cash or by check, or enter credit card information to complete the payment transaction).

For out-of-turn invoices, the collection process settings may differ from the regular, initial, and midterm invoices. The settings such as payment terms, automatic credit card charging, and notifications and actions if payment is past due are configured on a separate panel on the customer class. For instance, business customers are required to settle regular invoices within 30 days, whereas for out-of-turn invoices, quicker payment is expected, e.g., within 6 days.

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