PortaBilling is integrated with the Telebreeze IPTV platform ( The interoperation between PortaBilling and Telebreeze enables you to:

  • Define various channel packages in Telebreeze and bundle them into products for your customers. As soon as you create an account in PortaBilling and assign a product that includes the IPTV service, the customer is created in Telebreeze and a corresponding channel package activated for them.
  • Configure a variety of channel packages and manage customer service configurations using add-on products.
  • Charge recurring fees to customers for IPTV channel packages via subscriptions.
  • Manage customer information and service availability using the PortaBilling web interface. Any changes in customer information are provisioned to Telebreeze. Customer services remain available as long as there are sufficient funds to cover them or their product configuration includes the IPTV service. If a customer is terminated in PortaBilling, their record in Telebreeze is also deleted.

Thus, the key assets of this integration are as follows:

  1. An account in PortaBilling corresponds to a customer in Telebreeze.
  2. Telebreeze channel packages are defined within PortaBilling products.
  3. Customers are charged for IPTV services via subscriptions. Video-on-demand and pay-per-view services are solely handled by Telebreeze. PortaBilling receives balance update records and produces xDRs.
  4. Customers are authenticated in Telebreeze by either device ID or Telebreeze login/password. This information is defined in a customer’s custom fields.
Do not change the account ID in PortaBilling since the Telebreeze customer ID will not be updated and therefore further customer management will become inaccessible.

Integration with yet another IPTV platform expands your IPTV provisioning capabilities and enables you to provide full-scale triple-play services to customers.

Integration with SeaChange IPTV platform

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With this release, PortaBilling is integrated with yet another IPTV platform, SeaChange. Thus, service providers can use SeaChange IPTV platform to offer IPTV services to their customers and expand their business.

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