Check below for the prompt languages that are supported by a specific feature.

  • support – supported.
  • not support – not supported.
  • partially support – partially supported (incomplete prompts list or prompts are out of date).

English prompts are supported by default. The prompts in the following languages are updated free of charge:

  • English (en)
  • Spanish (es)
  • French (fr)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR)

If you need prompts in another language, and it’s currently not supported/partially supported, please contact our sales team.

IVR applications languages

tipsThe language of the Voicemail and Auto Attendant prompts depends on the end user’s preferred IVR language.

When a call to Voicemail or Auto Attendant arrives, the Media server first checks the caller’s Preferred IVR Language. If the caller is unknown (e.g., a call comes from PSTN or a mobile number), the Media server checks the Preferred IVR Language of the called account. If the language is defined and supported, the Media server uses the language of the called account to play the prompts.

If the caller is a PortaSwitch account and the account’s Preferred IVR Language is defined and supported, the Media server uses that preferred language to play the prompts.

If the preferred IVR Language is not explicitly defined for a caller/callee, the Media server uses its default IVR language.

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