PortaSIP operates as a built-in SBC (session border controller) in your network. It performs connective, regulatory, security and media functions and also communicates with PortaBilling for user authentication, authorization and accounting.

PortaSIP’s connective functions include the NAT traversal solution, which allows end users located behind different Network Address Translation (NAT) devices and firewalls to communicate with each other.

In terms of regulatory functions, PortaSIP provides support for emergency (E911) services and legal call intercepts.

As the entry point to your network, PortaSIP ensures its security by hiding its network topology while protecting it from VoIP fraud, DoS attacks and other malicious activities. Support of signaling and media stream encryption enables you to provide secure calling for your end users while increasing the quality of services you provide.

This chapter contains extended information about all of PortaSIP’s functions as the SBC.

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