PortaBilling is integrated with the Alcatel-Lucent Service Router (SR), used by service providers worldwide for providing broadband Internet services.

In this configuration, the Alcatel-Lucent SR is deployed as a DSL access point within a service provider’s network. It communicates with PortaBilling via the RADIUS protocol to authorize end users when they connect to the Internet. When an Internet session is established, the Alcatel-Lucent SR periodically sends interim (also called keep-alive) accounting requests with information about the current transferred data volume. When an end user’s balance is not sufficient for using the service or their Internet quota is reached, PortaBilling sends the Alcatel-Lucent SR a CoA (change of authorization) request. The Alcatel-Lucent SR then switches the session to a hotlined state – e.g., redirects the end user to a defined website.

PortaBilling acts as an OCS (Online Charging System). It communicates with the Alcatel-Lucent SR via the RADIUS protocol for real-time session authorization and rating. PortaBilling also provisions Alcatel-Lucent SR information about the bandwidth speed (for example, 1 Mbps or 10 Mbps) and Internet quota allocated to a particular customer. The bandwidth options and quota amounts are defined by the product configuration in PortaBilling.

This integration extends the variety of equipment that PortaOne’s clients can use for broadband Internet service provisioning. Service providers who have already chosen the Alcatel-Lucent SR and are looking for a flexible and reliable billing system can explore the advantages of choosing PortaBilling.

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