On this panel, you can configure the bundle item for the Repeated use with renewal type of bundle. For instance, specify the service volume provided within this bundle item, choose how the service should be provided when the volume is used up, and allow/prohibit rollovers of unused service volume to the next bundle lifecycle.

bundle item configuration

Service volume

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Specify the amount of service units or money to be provided to a user within this bundle item.

You can also set the Unlimited option, which grants unlimited service volume.

If the volume is used up

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Configure service availability once the allocated service volume has been depleted. You can choose one of the following options:

  • Provide the service as usual – no service restrictions will be applied. The end user can consume the services on a pay-as-you-go basis according to the assigned product’s tariff.
  • Block the service – the service usage will be restricted.
  • Limited (available for internet access only) – the service will be limited according to the Internet access policy, e.g., the bandwidth will be changed from 5 Mbps to 256 Kbps once the units are used up. This setting is ignored for a bundle item with “Unlimited” service volume.

Allow rollovers

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Turn on the toggle to enable the rollover of the unused service volume to the next bundle lifecycle.

For example, if a customer has unused service volume from the previous period, such as 1 GB out of 20 GB of mobile data, by default this volume expires. If the rollover is enabled, this 1 GB will be added to the 20 GB from the renewed bundle, providing the customer with a total of 21 GB.

Unused volume can be rolled over only once. The rolled-over service volume is consumed before the newly allocated service volume.

This setting is ignored for a bundle item with the “Unlimited” service volume.

Use the Grace period for renewal option to allow unused volume to roll over if a bundle is renewed within the specified period after the bundle's lifecycle ends.

Allow unused units transfer

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Turn on the toggle to enable end users to transfer service units or money between their bundles.

The transfer is performed only via the API. You need to develop a custom application to provide this feature.

To allow units/money transfer, enable this option within the bundle item both for the sender and the recipient. Note that the allocated service volume must be measured identically (e.g., in MB, minutes, or money). The lifetime of transferred units/money synchronizes with the lifetime of the recipient’s bundle. Transferred units/money are always used up first.

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