On this panel, you can configure automatic tax calculation for DID numbers’ charges via Avalara, EZtax, SureTax and GST taxation plug-ins. PortaBilling then includes the calculated tax amounts on customers’ invoices along with other taxes.

DID inventory tax transaction codes panel

Calls to standard and toll-free DID numbers are charged differently (the calls to toll-free DID numbers are free of charge for the calling party). Thus, go to the Taxation section and add different internal tax transaction codes for standard and toll-free DID numbers on the Tax transaction codes panel.

First, map them to the plug-ins’ tax transaction codes.

Then go back to the DID inventory and specify those codes in the Activation tax transaction code and Usage tax transaction code fields for standard and toll-free DID numbers accordingly.

At the end of the billing period, the taxation plug-in(s) calculate taxes for DID numbers’ charges according to the tax transaction codes defined in the DID inventory.

Click Save to apply the configuration.

Audit log

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On the Audit log panel you can track and browse the changes made.

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