On this panel, you can define the credentials and preferred settings (such as language, time zone, date input and output formats) for a reseller’s self-care interface.

Web self-care panel


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This is the reseller self-care interface login.

Access web self-care as a reseller. After you define the credentials, you can log in to the self-care on behalf of the reseller. Click Show to log in as a reseller.


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This is the reseller self-care interface password. Define it manually or click Generate password to generate a random, hard-to-guess password.

To show or hide the password, click Show password zBQFv1drMAAAAASUVORK5CYII= or Hide password .

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

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You can enable 2FA for the reseller, so they will be able to log in to their self-care interface only after entering a one-time password (OTP) in addition to their login and regular password. The OTP is generated by a 2FA application installed on the user’s smartphone, e.g., Google Authenticator.

Select one of the following options in the dropdown list:

  • As defined by the customer class – the option configured for the customer class is used.
  • Yes – select this option to enable 2FA.
  • No – select this option to disable 2FA.

If a user loses access to the 2FA application, click Reset 2FA key.

Allow access only from trusted IP addresses

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This ensures that the reseller only accesses the self-care interface from physical locations that you define. For example, you can specify IP addresses that belong to your network. If the reseller tries to log in from outside your network, PortaBilling denies that access and the reseller can't log in.

Use these formats to permit access from specific IP addresses or networks:

  • A single IP address:
  • A network in IP prefix (slash) notation:
  • An IP address and a netmask:

Enter multiple definitions by selecting.

API token access

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Use API tokens to authenticate reseller applications (e.g., CRM systems, switchboard apps) that are integrated with PortaBilling via the API. The application then uses the combination of the API token and login to establish the API session.


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The role assigned to this reseller. It contains a set of permissions to access self-care components: tabs, features, etc. Each reseller is created with a default role. To create a new role, go to the Access control > Roles panel. Then a new role for the reseller appears in this list.

Time zone

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Set the time zone in which to display the date and time values on the reseller self-care interface.

Web interface language

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Choose a desired language for the reseller self-care interface.

Output format

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Choose an output date and time format for the reseller self-care interface.

Input format

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Choose an input date and time format for the reseller self-care interface.

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